Thaï sausage

Wings Thaï

Kung Thaï

Shanghai cabbage

Tapas of the moment



Red Curry *

~ Chicken, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, onions, bell peppers, water chestnut, rice and fried onions11 €

Green Curry *

Vegetarian option

~ Fried cod, coconut milk, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, rice and fried onions11 €

Pad Thaï

Vegetarian option

~ Egg pasta, shrimp, tofu, peanuts, bean sprouts, garlic chives, fried onions and scrambled eggs12,4 €

Hokkien mee

~ Wheat noodles, beef, scrambled eggs, Shanghai cabbage, chilli pepper, bean sprouts, ngo gaï and fried onions – 12,4 €

Nasi Ayam *

~ Rice, shrimp, chicken, ginger, sambal, egg and fried onions12,4 €

Tao Paï Paï

~ Crispy chicken, caramel sauce, rice and fried onions12,4 €

Bon Hè


~ Stir-fried vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, rice and fried onions12,4 €

Tam Belly

~ Crispy Basque pork belly, tamarind sauce, peanut sauce, rice and fried onions – 12,4 €

Nua Thaï *

~ Beef with basil, red onions, bell peppers, leeks, rice and fried onions13,2 €

Boeuf Saté *

~ Beef, satay sauce, bell peppers, Shanghai cabbage, leeks and peanuts – 13,2 €

Dish of the moment

~ Consult us – 12,4 €

Kid’s dish

~ Choice : Pad Thaï or Tao Paï Paï – 7 €


Tapioca Coco

~ Tapioca pearls with coconut milk, grilled mung beans and fresh bananas and mangoes5 €

Fresh half mango

~ Fresh half mango – 5 €

Sticky rice

~ Sticky rice, custard and fresh mango5 €

Ice cream by philippe faur

Dark chocolate




Black Sesame